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      My journey to become a wedding planner, started at the age of 12.  I was watching tv at home and there was a South Asian wedding being played.  I will never forget the feeling I had, when I saw all the colors, the extravagant entrances and just how breathtaking the bride was in her Lehenga.  I realized there were so many things I did not know about other cultures.  I then made it my mission to become a student of life, culture, and love.  In 2015 I received my bachelor’s in business administration/Tourism. 


 I knew I needed to gain experience quickly and was hired at Vidanta Resort Hotel in Playa Del Carmen as an administrative assistant.  I learned many things in the hotel industry and figured out that Destination weddings were exploding in Mexico.  This is where my professional life really took off in the Wedding planning industry where I was hired by Moon Palace Resorts as Wedding Coordinator. 


After one of the craziest years of life I was able to learn and witness the rich histories of many different cultures, which was truly one of the greatest blessings in my life at that time. I became certified as International Wedding Planner, and was certified by the Equality Institute for LGBT weddings. I felt with the experience obtained in that year, I was going to take a leap of faith and open my own company back home in Guadalajara (Paulina Del Hoyo Wedding Planner).  I was able to take on big projects including weddings, corporate events, baptisms, and many private parties.  Life finally felt set for me… or so I thought.


 Something happened, I never saw coming.  I fell in love…  I met my husband doing the very thing I love so much, coordinating a wedding at Moon Palace.   My life had changed drastically, and I was on my way to Vancouver, Canada.  My passion for Weddings and Event planning will never change but I was in a new country and needed to become a student again.  I was hired by Koncept Designs Events where I was able to gain valuable experience of how the industry works in Canada. 


Without further ado... I give you Paulina Bains Events.  I will always strive to educate myself on all lifestyles and cultures.  Opening this company has always been my dream.  I will use all of my knowledge, passion, and love into every aspect of your event. That is my promise.  

Every Event Should Be As Unique As You

Paulina Bains 

Director & Founder

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